Amazon Web Services

Managed Services Provider


Amazon Web Services provides On-Demand cloud services and API’s to individuals and companies on a metered Pay-as-you-go model. Amazon Web Services cater to a wide range of requirements like data storage, computing, security, networking, application integration, web hosting, email hosting, analytics, block chain, machine learning, game tech, robotics, serverless computing and many more.

AWS is a market Leader in Cloud Services throughout globe. It provides Highly Scalable, reliable, secure, cost-effective and flexible solutions.


Design & Deploy AWS Solutions & Architectures

Disaster Recovery & Backup Services

Continuous Monitoring & Performance Optimizations

Migration Services – Migrate to AWS with our Experts

Audit & Testing (VAPT)

Cost optimizations

Security & Log Management

24 X 7 Support Services

ICSDC is a Managed Amazon Web Services Partner with a 24X7 AWS Certified Support team which is able to provide prompt and reliable support,

As AWS provides a self-managed console to its users, it becomes difficult for companies to manage the security, deployment of services, designing proper architectures.

ICSDC has a team of AWS Certified Solution Architects, who help you to design cloud architectures with innovative and statistical methodologies as per your specific requirements and makes sure they are designed, built and implemented to reduce the Operating IT costs with proper team management.

ICSDC ensures quality deployment alongside business continuity to their clients with proper security auditing, failover Deployments and scheduled backup mechanisms.

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