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Indian Cloud Services Secure App – Advanced Security for Dedicated/Cloud Server

Indian Cloud Services Secure App administers Advanced Security Bundled Solution with Customizable Security & Auditing Features which can be easily managed by an Administration Console. Protect your Server, users and most importantly you ‘DATA’ with Indian Cloud Services Secure App Today.

ICS SecureApp Features:

  1. Ransomware Security

In a World, where Data is the New Currency to Organizations and Individuals, and with rapidly increasing Cybercrimes, Ransomware attacks are not uncommon to many, Hackers get into your Servers/Systems and encrypts your data with non-recoverable Encryptions and Demands Ransom to provide the Decryption keys.

To protect your Cloud Servers against such Threats is of utmost importance and should never be ignored. Indian Cloud Services Secure App provides you with a mechanism, which doesn’t lets such hackers, launch the encryptions.

  1. Homeland Access Security

Using country-based whitelisting and Access restriction. Homeland Security lets administrators restrict incoming traffic

to specific countries and usually their own Home Land. It gives you an option to Allow/Deny Traffic from a list of Countries without having to Implement a Firewall on Server.

  1. Brute-Force Defender

Brute-Force Attacks are very common these days, where an attacker runs a script with various password combinations on your server.

Brute-Force Defender works on a mechanism wherein it Blocks the IP’s when unsuccessful login attempts are made to the Server. One can customize the criteria to block the attempts as well. This not only Secures the server but also increases the performance of your Servers.

  1. Working Hours Regulation

Restricting Working Hours for users or giving users access to server only on specific days is Important to reduce the risk of Data Leakage. Indian Cloud Services Secure App gives you an option to restrict the users to time range or to set days of Server Access for Specific Users like Auditors, Consultants, Charted Accountants, etc.

  1. User Access Management

Indian Cloud Services Secure App Administration Console lets you manage users, groups and gives you an option to inspect user Policies or Assign Rights to Users for Accessing files and folders. This makes it extremely convenient to review and edit rights assigned to any user, increasing the certainty of regulations.

  1. Secured Desktop Access

Secured Desktop offers an interface with some predefined security modules to select from:

  • Windows Mode – Works just like any RDP Access
  • Secure Desktop Mode – Restricting cmd, poweshell, task manager, gpedit, regedit to all users. User cannot Access Anything beyond its own boundaries
  • Kiosk Mode – Cannot run Any operations other than the ones allowed to User. Restricts Access to all Applications and Drives, Files or Folders. User will not be able to make any changes or even open a browser from his Access.
  1. End-Point Restrictions

Endpoint Restrictions locks the user’s access to Server to a specific System/Laptop/Browser/PC. Even with the credentials, user will not be able to use any other device to access the Server.

  1. Global IP Management

Manage the IP’s that can Access your Server. Whitelist an IP, Block an IP, Unblock any IP which is blocked by Brute-Force Defender or Homeland Access Security.


  • Total Security Bundled as one Software. No need to implement AD & Firewall if above features are Required.
  • Gives you a completely customizable security just as AD is implemented on a Server and even more
  • Ransomware Protection, Country specific Traffic Restriction, Brute-Force Defender, IP Whitelisting, User Access Management, User Time Restrictions, End-Users PC Access Restrictions, all features of a Virtual Firewall embedded in the Indian Cloud Services Secure App.

Webberstop India is a Managed Amazon Web Services Partner with a 24X7 AWS Certified Support team which is able to provide prompt and reliable support,

As AWS provides a self-managed console to its users, it becomes difficult for companies to manage the security, deployment of services, designing proper architectures.

Webberstop India has a team of AWS Certified Solution Architects, who help you to design cloud architectures with innovative and statistical methodologies as per your specific requirements and makes sure they are designed, built and implemented to reduce the Operating IT costs with proper team management.

Webberstop India ensures quality deployment alongside business continuity to their clients with proper security auditing, failover Deployments and scheduled backup mechanisms.

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