Intel Xeon 6226R Gold Processor

One-click enable automated continuous backups and safeguard your data.

NVMe Storage

Micron 9300,
2000 MB/s Read/Write
vs 600 MB/s in SSD

1 Gbps Bandwidth

Enjoy Unlimited, BGPed, DDOS Protected bandwidth

Scale Up/Down Resources

Scale Up the resources of your VM's or Downgrade your VM's in seconds

Cost Effective

Pay as per your Need, Select from many packages available as per your need


Launch, manage and terminate machines on-demand around the clock.

Deployed VM's

One-click save your machine images and run multiple replicas of the machine.

2-Minute Provisioning

Spin-up and spin-down the server in seconds

Dedicated CPU cores

Low Cost

No Contracts

Superfast Deployment

Indian Datacenters

Monthly/Annually Billing

No Hidden Fees

Reboot your system remotely

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