cPanel is a web-based server control panel that simplifies the server resources and website management tasks. With powerful features such as domain management, server security, database, and more, cPanel provides easy administration of the resources.

ICS offers cPanel and Webhost Manager (WHM), fully featured web and admin panel systems. With ICS cPanel cloud servers, you don’t have to compromise on features, old machines, oversold servers or price to performance cut.

CP series server’s works on high-performance machines with WebHost Manager/cPanel pre-installed to let you get started quickly.

WebHost Manager Access 

WHM Complete administrative access & control over the server resources.


Manage individual account(s) as specified by the Server Administrator or Reseller

Website Management Resources

Easily upload and manage files through cPanel cloud computing servers with support for file transfers like FTP, FTPS, SFTP

Server Management Resources

Manage and maintain your servers with a few clicks to allocate resources, create users, set features, customise pages on cPanel/WHM servers.

Softaculous is a great Auto Installer having 451 scripts, 1115 PHP Classes and it is still adding more. It has covered a wide array of categories so that everyone could find the required script one would need to power their Website.

We help you to quickly get started with cPanel cloud servers for your development, web applications or multi-domain requirements. There is no additional license or software installation required.

CL.CP1.S4 2 4 50 CentOS SOLO / 1 Account ₹ 2,915 Enquire Now
CL.CP5.S8 4 8 100 CentOS Admin / 5 Accounts ₹ 5,230 Enquire Now
CL.CP5.S16 4 16 200 CentOS Admin / 5 Accounts ₹ 7,850 Enquire Now
CL.CP30.S8 4 8 100 CentOS Pro / 30 Accounts ₹ 6,055 Enquire Now
CL.CP30.S16 4 16 200 CentOS Pro / 30 Accounts ₹ 8,675 Enquire Now
CL.CP100.S16 8 16 500 CentOS Premier / 100 Accounts ₹ 13,010 Enquire Now
CL.CP100.S32 8 32 500 CentOS Premier / 100 Accounts ₹ 16,850 Enquire Now
CL.CP100.S64 16 64 1000 CentOS Premier / 100 Accounts ₹ 29,950 Enquire Now
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