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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting services offer the enormous advantages that virtual server hosting holds over traditional hosting methods, chiefly: higher flexibility and cost-effective resource utilization.

The cloud hosting model is significantly more cost-effective compared to the traditional dedicated server model, which compels organizations to design and handle their own data centers. Within the legacy model, the servers and storage running on dedicated hardware and resources stay on-premise, becoming a capital expenditure and increasing overheads for corporations.

Instead of sinking money into such a rigid system, businesses can streamline their tech services with cloud hosting services till maximum cost efficiency is achieved. This is easy, as they need only the computing resources that they use, and with cloud hosting, they can access resources as required at any time, and don’t have to be compelled to keep resources that are not always used but add to costs nonetheless.

Cloud hosting is the most efficient method of outsourcing computing and storage resources to a cloud service provider (CSP) like indian cloud services, which provides top-notch infrastructure services in an exceedingly cost-sensitive model. Indian Cloud services supervises the setup, cloud framework, security and maintenance, while enabling customers to easily personalize hardware specs and various applications along with scalable servers. Compute and storage resources are displayed across many virtual machines (VMs) which load balance Input and Output demands in your customized cloud configuration.

Features of ICS Cloud Servers

Intel Xeon 6226R Gold Processor

Fastest & Latest Processor
2.9 GHz, Turbo Boost 3.9 GHz

NVMe Storage

Micron 9300, 2000 MB/s Read/Write vs 600 MB/s in SSD

1 Gbps Bandwidth

Enjoy Unlimited, BGPed, DDOS Protected bandwidth

Snapshot Backup

#1 Veeam Backup & Replication Setup with guaranteed restoration

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated AM & TAM for training, instant support and seamless experience

3 Data Center Location

Choose the nearest location for least latency

99.95% Uptime

A commitment to provide 99.95% Network Uptime

Tier 3 Datacenter

Tier III Certified Data Center Facility, 99.95% Power Uptime Commitment

Cloud Hosting Plans

Experience the power of Cloud Servers and our end-to-end solution approach to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your IT Infrastructure on your business.

Linux Cloud Hosting

Experience the power of Linux and our end-to-end solution approach to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your IT Infrastructure on your business. We ensure to meet the service level expectations of our esteemed clients through our award-winning customer-oriented approach. Our partners and customers are the foremost priority for us. We have experts to design, deploy, and manage from a plain vanilla Linux installation to a cluster of complex requirements.


ICSDC offers flexible solutions for hosting simple and complex content on a Windows Server. A Managed Windows Server keeps you hassle free from server maintenance and administration. With the extensibility of the Windows platform, we deliver an industry-specific and requirement-specific dedicated server hosting solution to your needs. We ensure to deliver high-performance parameters to your organization with our expert support, administration, and robustness.

Remote App Bundle

Advanced Plans and Add-Ons

Upgrade your plan for advanced features or enhance your account with optional add-ons

Multi-Server Management

Need more than one account? Add shared, VPS, or even dedicated services to your account with ease.

Access Control

Create unique passwords restricting access to different areas of your account.

Our customers
love what we do

Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce

Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce.

Sara Jo

Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce.

Abdo Hani

Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce.

Ahmed Kh

Business Support

Included with $500+ of monthly spend.

Perfect for businesses looking to scale with a bit of guidance, best practices, and technical support. Included when you spend $500+ per month on our platform.

Premier Support

High-touch support experience for a monthly fee.

Paid support plan for businesses with large production applications who want a high-touch experience with guaranteed response times and live communication with our support team.


Indian Cloud Services uses state of the art, latest and most advanced processors in public cloud i.e. Intel® Xeon® Gold 6226R Processor with 22M Cache, 2.90 GHz Clock speed, Turbo Boost up to 3.9 Ghz

Indian Cloud Services uses Micron 9300 NVMe SSD Storage in public cloud. NVMe can deliver sustained read-write speed of 2000MB per second, way faster than the SATA SSD III, which limits at 600MB per second.

Indian Cloud Services offers a 1Gbps shared Network pipe in its public cloud on which you always experience a download speed of 700-900 Mbps.

Depending upon the applications requires, Indian Cloud Services ensures deployment of a cloud server within 30-60 minutes.

Indian Cloud Services offer a highly scalable cloud wherein you increase your resources like CPU, Ram and Storage without having any restarts or downtime. However to decrease the active resources like ram, a restart may be required.

Indian Cloud Services Offers CCC’s when it comes to cloud offering’s (Complete Custom Cloud). As cloud servers are expected to be, we provide a completely customizable cloud infrastructure solution as per your requirements, you may tell us the amount of compute, ram, storage required and we provide you the same without compromising the quality of services. Unlike other vendor’s we don’t believe in restricting users to specific configurations, we like them to explore on their needs better.

Indian Cloud Services Provides 24X7X365 Days support to all its customers. You may write to us at support@Indiancloudservices.com and log a ticket anytime.

Indian Cloud Services offers and highly recommends reliable snapshot backups to all its customers irrespective of product they are using. Indian Cloud Services takes incremental Snapshot Image of the Dedicated Server, VM or Cloud and recommends 7 days retention period for multiple snapshots in a day. Snapshot backups are easily restored and prove to be successful even in cases of ransomware attacks. However, Indian Cloud Services also provides FTP backups like many vendors, which is cost effective but less reliable.

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