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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a kind of remote server committed to a single corporation or application. The dedicated server cost is higher than shared hosting plans and is ideally hosted and handled by the hosting service provider (like ICS), or the managed cloud service provider (CSP). A dedicated server is restricted and is not shared with any other client website, service, or application hence costs more. Dedicated server pricing includes all the resources a website needs to run optimally. In total, the higher dedicated server cost will equate to the higher value, better performance, and robust security than shared hosting solutions.


Although powerful, dedicated server purchase cost is more than other types of servers. A dedicated server could be a single system in a linked network that is reserved to serve the requirements of one client. Under the dedicated internet hosting model, the respective dedicated server is often a rented service wherein the customers technically rent the concerned server, computing resources, and a web connection from the online hosting service provider.

Benefits of Buying Dedicated Server Hosting

Though the dedicated server pricing is a little higher than other forms of hosting options, it caters specifically to the needs of individual clients without compromising on security, speed, and functionalities. Clients not only get root access but also full control of their dedicated server.
A dedicated server offers practicality by acting as a virtual in-house server that is closely monitored, hosting processes for the client, and maintained by the backend provider. The client remotely associates with the dedicated server across the web to present a collection of server-based services. A dedicated server could also be utilized to host specific applications or services, like information storage and end-user data handling.
A dedicated server could also additionally be utilized internally within an organization to host and supply in-house services and processes like executing applications or allowing highly collaborative projects.
Some benefits of selecting a Dedicated hosting Provider are

Server resources don't get shared

Increased performance and security


Distinctive IP address

Less overheads for maintenance

We value you

Other Distinct Features of Our Dedicated Server

Root Access

It offers complete control over the servers. Clients can run customized firewall applications, and can control data usage policy effortlessly.

Free Setup of Servers & Upgradation

Our IT experts offer the best, quickest and most reliable server setup and upgradation.

High-bandwidth Servers

All of our servers are high-bandwidth powered by premier network connection providers.

99.95% Guaranteed Uptime

With our SLA backed server, we guarantee our clients an uptime of 99.95%.

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection

We ensure your email is best protected from virus and spam.

Outstanding Support

24*7 Technical support via Live Chat, Phone or Email, and Server Monitoring.

Buy Dedicated Server Hosting
Plans & Pricing

Explore our brand new dedicated server plans and get the best dedicated server price in India. We offer customized dedicated hosting plans for various business requirements. Our flexible hosting plans offer great cost-effectiveness to businesses while delivering the utmost value. Dedicated hosting is well-suited for businesses with extreme traffic spikes and security needs. It delivers several advantages including flexibility, tailor-made solutions, and lightning-quick response time. ICS minimizes your dedicated server cost by offering incredible value and unmatched services.

Customers will be aided in server control with the easily managed service of cPanel with our dedicated server hosting. We tend to additionally offer our clients a collection of Managed hosting and Cloud hosting services,, which help in providing the best user experience.

Dedicated Server Pricing and Best Value Plans

The advantages of owing state-of-the-art data center are many. First, we are at the absolute control of every hardware, so we upgrade our infrastructure regularly. Second, we can provide dedicated servers and other services at cost that no other provider can. This explains our affordable dedicated server pricing.

We help you to buy the best dedicated server plan from our wide range viewable below

Add On Storage

480 GB Enterprise SSD 480 GB SSD ₹ 1,200 Enquire Now
960 GB Enterprise SSD 960 GB SSD ₹ 2,000 Enquire Now
1.92 TB Enterprise SSD 1.92 TB SSD ₹ 3,000 Enquire Now
3.84 TB Enterprise SSD 3.84 TB SSD ₹ 5,000 Enquire Now
3.2 TB NVMe (Platinum Servers Only) 3.2 TB NVMe ₹ 3,690 Enquire Now
6.4 TB NVMe (Platinum Servers Only) 6.4 TB NVMe ₹ 7,150 Enquire Now
15.3 TB NVMe (Platinum Servers Only) 15.3 TB NVMe ₹ 15,400 Enquire Now


Yes, we offer dedicated servers with various configurations starting from a 6-Core bare metal servers ranging up to 64 Core Bare Metals.

Yes, we can offer you any amount of IP’s at chargeable basis after receiving a IP Justification form.

Indian Cloud Services replaces and repairs your hardware within 2 Hours and if in any case it takes longer, we restore your data in our cloud within this time frame. We guarantee to get your Hardware or parts replaced so you don’t face similar issues frequently.

We Offer almost all OS like Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Rhel, Vm ware, hyper V, etc.

Yes, Indian Cloud Services offers a Virtual Firewall Dedicated to all the Bare Metal Machines.

We have a team of certified professionals to monitor the data center 24X7. However, for peace of mind of our customers, we provide monitoring panel to our customers as well. We also setup mail alerts for uptime and performance consumption for our customers.

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Server resources don’t get shared

When customers select a dedicated hosting provider, they receive the complete resources of an individual server. Customers need not worry regarding other websites obstructing the server’s processor and RAM, among other hardware. Since we are the one who would get the entire thing running, you would incur no server setup cost.

With the usage of a dedicated server, customers will be able to ascertain if any dangerous scripts are harming their web sites or if any spikes in bandwidth utilization are slowing the server down, after which corrective action can be taken for the dedicated server.